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[ Active Characters ]

Zero || [personal profile] absolutevalue @ [community profile] empatheias

[ Inactive Characters ]

[ Analogue: A Hate Story ]

Mute || [personal profile] firstcore

[ Ar Tonelico ]

Tyria || [personal profile] cluster
Jacqli || [personal profile] jacqli
Infel || [personal profile] infel
Claire Branch || [personal profile] yasra_fhyu
Finnel_ax.Forged Clustania || [personal profile] ax_forged
Cocona Bartel || [personal profile] granzero
Harvestasha VISTA || [personal profile] harvy

[ Atelier Totori ]

Rorona Frixell || [personal profile] piealchemist
Sterkenburg Cranach || [personal profile] scareskids
Pamela Ibis || [personal profile] teddybed

[ Disgaea ]

Flonne || [personal profile] justiceflonne
Desco || [personal profile] finalbosspower

[ Fate/EXTRA ]

Saber (Playable) || [personal profile] germanicus
Caster (Playable) || [personal profile] spouseget

[ Higurashi ]

Rika Furude || [personal profile] questionarc
Miyo Takano || [personal profile] miyoko

[ Hyperdimension Neptunia ]

Blanc // Lady White Heart || [personal profile] snowcapped
Vert // Lady Green Heart || [personal profile] threesixty
Nisa || [personal profile] n1

[ Tales of Series ]

Yuri Lowell || [personal profile] trueknight
Rita Mordio || [personal profile] namesblastia
Philia Felice || [personal profile] bombrain
Leon Magnus || [personal profile] fatesironic

[ Joke Characters ] aka characters that will never be apped and / or played seriously

Rio // LifeLine: Voice Action Adventure || [personal profile] barkingwaitress
Ba'ul // Tales of Vesperia || [personal profile] baul
Yuri Lowell (age 11) // Tales of Vesperia || [personal profile] brattyjustice
Mister Ed // Mister Ed || [personal profile] thefamous

-- Updates to be Made --

Add Zero (MMZ) [personal profile] inheritedvalues, Tsushima Yoshiko (Love Live Sunshine) [personal profile] allthelittledemons, Alisa Diphda (Tales of Zestiria) [personal profile] frigginwatchme, and Magilou (Tales of Beseria) [personal profile] mazhigigika ... somewhere.

Create Inactive Characters section for [personal profile] anidolsduty

Any crit that can be given for the characters with a community name next to their username would be very much appreciated. Crit for characters that are inactive won't be accepted, as ... well, they're inactive and I'm not playing them anymore. Otherwise, all crit of all kinds are welcome. Anon screening is on.


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